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Mastering Aurochs “s/t”, self released.

Recorded and mixed by Andy Sissons at Audacious Art Experiment, Sheffield.

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Häxxan - Rodion

Mastering Häxxan “Rodion” on Geertruida and Twintoe Records.

“A brilliant piece of vinyl baring just 3 tracks. But ohhh, those three tracks are all Häxxan need to sweep you off your feet like an eagle snatching a little duckling from a pond.”

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Youth Avoiders

Mastering Youth Avoiders “Spare Parts E​.​P.” on Build Me A Bomb Records, Destructure Records, and Deranged Records.

Taken from Razorcake: “These French punkers lay waste to everything within ten miles of this 45 with four tracks of fist-pumping hardcore that’s just dripping with hooks and a sound that is aggressive without being ham-fisted or meatheaded about it. Driving, catchy, scrappy, this’ll do all right by ye, homes. –Jimmy Alvarado”

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Mastering Triage “Power Beat” on Larry Tony Produzioni.

Recorded by Jonah Falco.

“POWER BEAT is TRIAGE’s first commission to wax. It is without a doubt that this recording captures the true POWER that TRIAGE has on offer. Crusty & crunchy rhythm with soaring vocals and leads to match, backed by a lock-tight rhythm section. TRIAGE are one of those bands that are greatly in debt to punk’s past but with their eyes set on writing it’s future.”

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