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One Way Ticket 7

Check out my article from the February’s One Way Ticket Zine.

As you may have heard North London Bomb Factory has a column each issue featuring bands that I have been working on.

The new issue (#8) is at the press now and out soon. Make sure you grab a copy, especially if you’ve had your record mixed or mastered here.

OWT Column 7

heavy nukes

Mastering Heavy Nukes “2nd EP” on Rawmantic Disasters and Static Age Records.

“After the brilliant debut “7ep, here we go with the next strike!!! Again, 8 incredible raw brutal Swedish Oldschool Hardcore tunes in the vein of Shitlickers and Anti Cimex!!! No compromises on this one, just pure Swedish “Ultra Mega Raw” Hardcore!!!”


Anger Burning  ECD

Mastering the Anger Burning / Earth Crust Displacement Split.

Coming out on Spela Snabbare and Rawmantic  Disasters Records.


ANGER BURNING/Earth Crust Displacement.

It looks like RENS-002 will beat RENS-001 on the finish line.
Swedish D-beat Vs German D-beat.
I guess that followers of Spela Snabbare Records don’t need an introduction for Anger Burning.

Eart Crust Displacement on the other hand, plays dirty, raw and noisy D-beat straight from hell.”




Mastering the new Heavy Nukes EP on Rawmantic Disasters.

“absolutely devastating swedish hardcore punk with the drummer from anger burning! no metal influences or fancy production to be found here, just pure aggression, the way it was meant to be. if you think `raped ass´ is still the best swedish punk record ever and masturbate on our shitlickers 7″ on a daily basis, this is for you, punk! no kidding, this destroys everything in it´s path!”

Have a listen to a song off the last EP: