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Mastering Miscalculations “Kill the Whole Cast” on FDH RecordsP.Trash Records, and Rockstar Records.

“CAPITAN MARCO of the London-based punk rock fleet No Front Teeth Records is an unweary demonio for the good punk work and he was the singer of the recently deceased GAGGERS and played in a helluva other bands. He quickly calculated his remaining super-powers: writer of excellent punk poetry + wizard of super catchy melodies = MISCALCULATIONS. That’s simple math. Bam! New band going. Together with drummer SHAUN he already wrote and pounded out two LPs on Dead Beat and Rockstar Rec. and now kills everything with this third LP. Though the Miscalculations know how to add 7+7, and Marco’s gritty and snotty voice screams ’punk singer’ with every syllable he spits out, Miscalculations definitely advanced the punk sound (some may call it Post-Punk). The 12 songs on ’Kill the whole cast’ are a tasteful blend of the sound of Buzzcocks, Wire, The Statues and even some Mind Spiders with the catchy and sharp, yet laconic guitar work and the melancholic and demanding undertone of Wipers, Masshystery or The Vicious, plus some Electro-Synth-NoWave-Punk of The Units or even The Spits. Always intense, always poetic with outstanding cryptic yrics and wrapped up in cool imagery. When this album has passed they killed the whole cast / You will be obsessed when they killed the whole cast!”

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Strange Attractor

Mastering the new Strange Attractor EP “Barely Doin’ Crime”.

Coming out on Mammoth Cave and Secret Identity Records.

“It’s hardly been long enough to recover from the initial shock of their excellent “Back To The Cruel World” LP, but Strange Attractor are already back to twist the aural knife with a new EP. “Barely Doin’ Crime” is a suitably damaging successor, its six tracks running the gamut from psychotic creepycrawly dirge to speedy hardcore rant, the default position an off-kilter churn of driving rhythm and drunken buzzing treble that manages to stay unpredictable and surprising but never sounds remotely forced. Frontman Jeff Houle spits out his neurosis like a northern Ontario Doc Dart, and the fusion of voice, lyrics and music just drips menace, negativity, aggression and paranoia.”


Mastering the new Strange Attractor LP!


From Sudbury,ON, Canada “Strange Attractor is a basement recording project by Jeff Houle. A mix of 60’s garage and frat & 70’s punk with a chaotic twist. The live band features members of Statues and Ultra Violence Ray.”