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Review in Maximum Rock and Roll May 2012 :


This band is from Berlin but if you told me they were from Milwaukee, I would believe you. They play crisp, clear, melodic, thoughtful punk along the lines of RED DONS and the OBSERVERS. There’s something about it that reminds me of a more punk SMOKING POPES as well, which is not a bad thing. Bands like these can be a dime in a dozen, but BLANK PAGES gives it something extra and stands out from the pack. Maybe it’s their knack for a pop hook, their superior songwriting skills or the badass drum fills (I’m a drummer – I live for these things). I don’t know. What I do know is that there are four songs on here and they all fuckin’ rule. Get it. (GH)
(Taken by Surprise)”


“After many delays it’s finally here! The debut 7” by Berlin based BLANK PAGES. Members were / are active in bands like IDLE HANDS, MODERN PETS, LIES FEED THE MACHINE and DRAMAMINE. They pick up the torch from IDLE HANDS playing meldoic punkrock with a certain WIPERS twist and offer 4 songs on this EP. Watch out for them playing your town soon!

For a copy please send 6.50 EUROS (Germany) or 8 EUROS (rest of the world) ppd via paypal to OR buy it from our webstore”

Buy it here from Taken By Surprise Records!


Blank Pages debut 7″ will finally be out Nov 15 on Taken By Surprise Records!