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Arms Race

Mastering Arms Race “New Nonsense 2015” on Quality Control HQ Records.

“Exclusive to the USA tour in April, Arms Race bust out some new tracks from their upcoming LP out later in the year! Expect more UK82/NYHC crossover bangers. Side B has the Demo 2013 remastered.”



Mastering the Repossessed “Born. Work. Die.” on Muscle Horse Records.

“The Repossessed make the most of their first time on record, spitting the gravel from their boots right in your face over ragged glory riffs that recall the likes of The Ejected or The Partisans (there’s even a Welsh language number on here, a nod to singer Donna’s heritage). All four songs nail that perfect combination of high energy bounce and ear worm shout-along choruses like they really could be a lost Riot City Records band, but this is much more than a well-executed tribute, as demonstrated by their barbed reflections on the every day struggle in a contemporary Britain, one that’s just as if not more bleak than UK82. These four are undoubtedly in possession of fuck-you spirit and brains to boot, so get into it or get out the way.”

Buy it here!



Remastering Suspense “Murder with the Axe” 7″ for La Vida Es Un Mus, another crucial release in Dutch punk history.

“I remember getting a letter from one of the DISORDER members who asked me to re-record him the SUSPENSE ep, because the song ‘ Crazy Sod’  got cut off before it ended. As a lot of punk bands, the NEO PUNKZ were influenced a lot by DISCHARGE (and not only musically) and in comparisation to the first ep, they sped up and had a distinct UK82 in sound (as well as their appearance). The subtitle of this record is; ‘ the end of the NEO PUNKZ , this is SUSPENSE’. They replaced one of the guitar players, recorded 3 fast songs and one longer and much slower one.

Again, this is one of the milestones in Dutch punk history and boy, don’t they look good in studs and leather. Essential.”