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Mastering Maniac “Chola Queen” on No Front Teeth Records.

“Gentlemen Punks from Los Angeles who are / were in these bands: Clorox Girls, Cute Lepers, The Girls, Images, L.A. Drugz, Red Dons. Now in MANIAC. Bringing together their varied gazpacho of musical influences, the Maniac sound is lean and angular with sonic walls of power chords, biting leads and catchy vocal delivery of lyrics that are comic yet have a dark sense of humour. Themes range from sexual frustration to internal turmoil. Maniac are a quintessentially L.A. band and bring to the table a deep understanding of the city they live in and the music they play.”

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Mastering the forthcoming Maniac LP.

“The men in Maniac supply us with a brand of catchy punk rock with abundant retro influences. There are elements of old punk rock, power pop, mod and even some new wave sprinkled in here and there. However, the band doesn’t hide behind all of this like some second rate nostalgic cover band. They’ve got the control and persona to use their influences as a tool rather than a crutch. After all with these guys; former and current members of Cute Lepers, Clorox Girls, Rough Kids, The Girls, Images, and L.A. Drugz it’s a mathematical impossibility for this band to suck!”

Listen to a song off their debut 7″ on La Ti Da Records mastered here last year:


Sneak preview of L.A. Drugz new 12″ record coming out on Hovercraft records!

Listen to a track before and after Mastering

L.A. Drugz – All the Time Unmastered


L.A. Drugz – All the Time Mastered


Mastering the L.A. Drugz recordings for their debut LP. Recorded at Cali Mucho Studios in San Pedro.

L.A. Drugz are a new band featuring Justin Maurer (Clorox Girls, Suspect Parts), James Carman (Images), Cezar Mora (Bad Machine, Switchups), and Johnny Reyes (Images). They play Rock ‘N Roll music. They are coming to your town.

Fri Nov 18th Sacramento, CA @ Java Lounge
Sat Nov 19th San Francisco, CA @ Thee Parkside
Fri Dec 2nd San Pedro, CA @ Harold’s
Wed Dec 14th Long Beach CA @ Moss n Rock (Formerly Hilo Shop)
Sat Jan 14th Los Angeles, CA @ The Redwood

Listen here. More info here