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Mastering Nakam “s/t” on Spastic Fantastic Records and Crapoulet Records.

“Nakam from south germany with its first record on Spastic Fantastic and Crapoulet. Steam-roller-Hardcore-Punk in best BOMBENALARM, TRAGEDY and THE NOW DENIAL manner. This fat and grumpy bastard with ex-members of NIHIL BAXTER, DANGER! DANGER! and DERBY DOLLS will kick you through the gates of hell.”

But it here!


Snob Value


Mastering Snob Value‘s forthcoming EP on Spastic Fantastic,  Matula, and  Access X Denied Records.

If you don’t know Snob Value, MRR’s review of their mini-LP  does a good job describing them, or you can listen to a track from the new 7″ below.

Record of the week:  Snob Value – Whiteout mini-LP

Let me start by saying that these boys have been busy busy busy, with their kicking-and-punching first tape, aptly named Keep It Short and Simple – K.I.S.S., in 2009, then another killer tape in 2010, which I also friggin’ loved, so I have anticipated this for quite a while! I can tell that they’ve definitely worked on this LP, and these tracks are doused in indignation, antisocial aggression and contempt for humanity. I can relate: “I don’t give a shit about what you did, when you were my age in 1986 … Sometimes I wish I were deaf, I would have peace at last.” Yes, antisocial hardcore for angry people, reminiscent of USHC classics like the CIRCLE JERKS, DEAD KENNEDYS, MINOR THREAT and more contemporary outfits such as the REGULATIONS and BRUTAL KNIGHTS. The compositions are still tight and catchy but the band has developed them more, with slower, groovier hooks, slower intros, meaner guitar interludes and solos, layers, and the ever-present spiteful vocals; the kind of spite discovered in late adulthood, when you realize adulthood sucks and your peers are a joke!

While SNOB VALUE‘s work has never lacked lyrical aggression or sonic force, these tracks have a more polished production, which makes conventional sense for a debut LP I suppose, though they don’t entirely lack that seedy, subversive sound. Also, the artwork is quite minimal (“contrast reduction, disappeared horizon”) and while it’s handmade and still looks good, it doesn’t compare to their previous punk-ass designs. “1986,” “Hammer & Öl,” and “Whiteout” are the standout tracks. “1986″ is dark, honest, ballsy and foaming at the mouth — theirpièce de résistance for this album, if you ask me; “Hammer & Öl” is sung in the band’s native German and, of course, sounds all the more menacing for it; and the title track is a SNOB VALUE essential: short and simple, fast, effective, mind-pounding. I’m already flipping this faster than I can keep track of. While I do appreciate the more serious take they seem to have taken on this release, I honestly hope they keep some distortion and dirt intact. It’s that blunt frustration that makes ‘em so great! Minor detail: I love it when bands have little messages scratched onto the wax; on ether side of this white 12″ was: “World peace can be fun—Anarchy’s a blast.” Fuck yes!

(Crapoulet Records / Prügelprinz / Spastic Fantastic)

September 18th, 2012 by Lydiya”



Just finished mixing The Maladroits LP and the band is letting me post a song ahead of release!

This one is called Teenage Angst.


Mixing the new Maladroits LP.


Sir Luke Dro!t, MalaBert Dro!t, Marc Maladro!t and Tom Maladro!t spit out their anger, their hate and love in cliché-free, melodic, ass-kicking, rock’n’rollpunk songs, sometimes 70s punk-heavy, at times more like pop or garage, but still snotty. The Maladro!ts have been gigging since March 2007.  An incredible piece of shit that has no equal!”

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Uzbeks reviewed.

“Ever since I blogged about Uzbeks two weeks ago, I’ve been listening to their LP Goggles & Flipflops pretty much nonstop. Because of that, I’m pleased to announce that the Israeli punk group has a fresh new song out, a sub-2 minute banger called “Black Magic!” This track is in a similar vein as the full length album, with a sloppy, fast-paced punk sound that skirts the line between hardcore and classic 70s punk. Check out those vocal harmonies!

“Black Magic!” will appear on an upcoming 4-track EP called Snaps, which will be released as a tape on Spastic Fantastic Records. Find more information about the upcoming release on the song’s soundcloud page.”

See the original post here.

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